'Not only is Naomi a pleasure to work with, but she has become known as a 'miracle-worker'. There are things other art directors have told me can't be done. Naomi has not only done them but done them brilliantly, cheerfully and efficiently. She manages the balance of commercial demands with an innate sense of style, and our publications look beautiful, have great customer feedback, while also delivering successful commercial results, with profitability up by 24%.'

Anne Jones, Waitrose & Partners Commercial Manager


'Since launching our new publication we have seen an increase in orders for our Entertaining lines and increased traffic to our Entertaining website. The photography Naomi produces has not only been used in the publication but across all of our marketing channels which has enabled us to have one consistent look. We have had very positive feedback from our Partners and for the first time the design of the catalogue was called out as a positive in our weekly trade review executive summary.'  

Lydia Marshall, Assistant Marketing Manager, 
Waitrose & Partners


'Naomi is one of the most talented art directors I’ve ever worked with, and I say that for many different reasons. She creates exceptional layouts, she has strong creative vision for an overall design concept (so important when art directing a magazine), she creates illustrations at the drop of a hat, organises and directs shoots, comes up with concepts and ideas with clear direction and briefs stylists with clarity. On shoots she has the ability to direct the proceedings with quiet strength, while keeping creative personalities happy. She is cheerful, hardworking, loyal and full of enthusiasm and ideas – and popular with the team. I can’t recommend her more highly and I would recruit her as my art director any day.’

Karen Barnes, Editor, delicious. magazine


‘From her very first day as the new Art Director of Woman magazineI knew we had hired one of the very best Art Directors in the country. Naomi already had an excellent reputation with her legendary work for Emap on Smash Hits and More! magazine, so I had every reason to be confident. But what I wasn’t prepared for was just how well she understood a tight brief, and how hard she was prepared to work to realise it. Naomi has an instinctive feel for a picture, the decisive mind of a great editor, and a determination to make a brand vision come to life. She makes complex layouts look easy, creates big statements that are truly memorable, whilst never letting go of who the reader really is. She’s a great stylist, an accomplished artist, and a pleasure to have in the office.’

Andy Cowles​​, multi-award winning Creative Development Director

‘In short, she was fantastic. The look of the products are testament to her ability as an Art Director. In addition to having a great eye for design, Naomi is fast, yet meticulous and exhibited impressive patience in the face of the many client changes we had to make. Not only that but Naomi is calm when the bullets are flying (our turnaround times were very short) and an absolute pleasure to work with.’

Colin Hubbuck, Editor, Official Olympic Magazines, Haymarket Network

‘If you need someone who has tremendous creative vision, with theability to bring that vision smoothly to life, you’ve just found her.’

June Smith-Sheppard, Editorial Director Bauer
(formerly Editor-in-chief, IPC Media)

‘It is hard to imagine a more gifted or harder working member of staff than Naomi. She has been pivotal to the title both in terms of her design flair and her forensic attention to detail. It has been a pleasure to work with her.’

Jackie Hatton, Editorial Director